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Ranking higher in Google search results is the goal of optimization and visibility. For new sites, it’s showing up at all, for existing sites, it’s leveraging your traffic to convert users to customers. The Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs as they are often referred to – can take different forms and provide different results based on factors like user habits, user location and more.

Many businesses offer their services in a particular service area, while others want to market on a national or international level. When it comes to national campaigns, fighting for top rank becomes a more intensive process that simply showing up for local results.

More Pages, More Opportunities to Rank

For one client shooting for local clients, I will utilize their top search terms and often create landing pages just for those areas. Some situations call for it while others do not, but an extra page showing up on Google is another opportunity to show up on Search Engine Results. You can create a page for each city in your service area. Because when you have 10 pages well-SEO’d, you can have 10 pages potentially showing up in the SERPs, while 20 pages well-SEO’d simply offer more opportunities to show up in results instead of paying per click or impression like Google Ads or Facebook or social media marketing.

Depending on the market and niche, ranking high in results can be easier on a local market level. Companies can also leverage Google Business, so local users can find you for local services. Google Business listings show up at the top of search results along with Ads, and show up as points on a map, with review stars showing on it. 

Local Business Search Opportunities

When someone searches for “dog grooming near me” – Google knows to serve up local business search results to better match you with customers and maintain their viability. When you see results, usually it start with Ads at the top, Google Business with a map there on the top of search results – and THEN the regular 1-10 ranked pages on the first page and so on.
So for localized offerings, utilize Google Business to increase and compliment your search optimization efforts.

For national level campaigns, the stakes are a bit higher. A solid analysis of what the top competitors in your area are doing, from top to bottom, can give you a serious look at how they are operating, where they’re marketing, how much their spending and how ‘visible’ they are on the web, and other factors that go into a serious campaign.

How About a 150 Point SEO Inspection?

INational-level organic SEO ranking can take months to achieve. We have an advanced SEO package that covers a 150 point inspection for you – and what is missing is what needs to be fixed. This process can often take months alone tuning each of these items, while social media and other off-site SEO should also be done in parallel instead of waiting until the site is SEO’d to begin the social media campaigns.

Social media backlinking to your site also help your SERPs. Good, relevant backlinks from reputable ( high PageRank or PR sites ) can help increase your own authority across the board to Google.

Contact our team today to get a quote on how we can begin to increase your rankings in Google’s Search Engine Results pages – we are the best!