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One of the most important things about search engine optimization is organic growth. Traffic that has been brought in to your site through healthy, white-hat practices will have a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate as well. There are a number of types of SEO research that can be done on a competitor. You may want to see where they are on social media, where they are doing Google Ads at, how their blogs are bring in more traffic and more.

This article is focused on bringing in organic SEO traffic. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your site to increase your visibility in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs as they’re commonly referred to. With some competitors who are on top of their SEO game, they will have many keywords and many landing pages. Some of the info you want to find will be:

Research Your SEO Niche

1. What keywords are your competitors showing up for?
2. What is the organic traffic for those keywords?
3. What is the KD or Keyword Difficulty of those, and how much traffic can they bring?
4. Where are my competitors overlapping in keywords they rank for?
5. Where are my competitors not overlapping and why? Both in keywords and backlinks.
6. Where are you not showing up and what ‘gaps’ can you fill in?
7. What keywords you can attain faster, and which ones will take longer.
8. What landing pages your competitors are using, and how do they convert?
9. What backlinks do your competitors have, and where.
10. What keywords do your competitors have that have their own landing page.

Solid Ranking Will Take Time

Finding your site in the SERPs on the first or second page can take time, months or even a year until you see real ranking domination. In the early days, ( and still occasionally ) people come in and expect their project or website to rank on Google immediately or unreasonably soon. The time it takes depends on the work you put in, your SEO acumen or that of your team, how far along your website already is as far as SEO fine tuning, and your own cooperation.

At ProDeveloper we have a 150 point SEO inspection that looks at your website in depth with a deep dive into your website inner workings, all the way down to the nuts and bolts. Using our report, you can see which bases you have covered, and which ones need improvement asap. We hope that you hire us to make your improvements as well, but you or your team can also take our comprehensive list and run with it. Most efforts center around mobility, readability and speed – these now play a big factor in organic ranking in Google and it’s prudent to leverage your new knowledge to your advantage!

Nobody Has It All Down

There has been no client so far that has hit every point on the inspection list. So you can run an audit on yourself, and if you have another SEO team already in place – you can use our report to find out if they have been doing their job and if your marketing dollars are worth it. We increase our client’s visibility organically using industry-leading best practices, great research and analysis, solid deployment and metrics reporting.

In summary, organic SEO ranking is a major part of a healthy online marketing strategy. I hope you enjoyed this article on organic SEO ranking, have a great day!