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The ever evolving look and user experience on Google just got another big upgrade. Personally I am not a huge fan of Google interfaces and user experience, but I really like the new design they’ve rolled out.

Now when users do a search, they are still besieged by ads, but they no longer have to click on a page number at the bottom of the page to go to the next page of results.

Off the bat, users consume more news when can simply scroll to find more results or articles – versus clicking on a link to go to the next page. It’s simple, it is only a few clicks they are saving users, but now agencies or companies who showed up on page 2, are suddenly not so far away from what was previously ‘Page 1’ of results – a coveted spot for SEO campaigns that are keyword-driven instead of the new trend of ‘Audience driven’ SEO.

Looking at the results you’ll find on a Google search, such as ‘web design Tampa’, you will see four sets of paid ads, a map with the Google Business listings with the highest reviews shown on it, and then the regular sets of results. For this search, the first 4-5 results seem to be the big players who want you to join their directory such as Yelp, and then a user is onto the actual local agencies to the Tampa bay area.

So now it’s simply a scroll or two to see what was previously shown on results page two. This makes it easier for SEO those who have been working hard on their SEO in very competitive markets to get more for their marketing dollar, by removing a single click. Google still puts paid ads at the top, maintaining their lucrative billion-dollar advertising foothold.

This new design was rolled out in the 3rd quarter of 2022 and it is sure to make the Google search experience better and easier for both users and businesses to find each other.