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Branding is a term in the marketing world that we use to describe the ‘face’ of the company. Whether it’s a symbol, logo, person, a music jingle, a green lizard and more – a strong brand will help you gain more authority and clients. In the arena of social media, this is also an important topic to focus on. We also provide custom logo design Tampa.

At one of the basic levels of a brand lies your logo. It is the symbol or thing that people will associate with you the most. For Geico it’s the cheeky green lizard, for Nationwide it’s Mayhem, for Progressive it’s Flo. For schools and sports we have for example the Florida State Seminoles, they have a remarkable mix of a strong academic program, great game chant, the logo is all over the place. The same goes for most college towns across the country.

What About Brands on Social Media?

When it comes to social media, another aspect of branding becomes necessary to consider – brand cohesion. When many small companies start out or even run for years, the idea of brand cohesion may sound completely foreign to them. Having a cohesive ‘look’ or brand across all platforms helps the customer or audience feel more trust in you. Looking professional obviously will give you an edge over someone who does not look professional, all things considered equal otherwise.

A solid marketing director has done a great job of brand cohesion when no matter where you look on social media platforms. The logo is the same, the fonts are the same, it appears in only one style, and other things. For example, you may have a business card in your pocket right now – on it is someone’s business and logo most likely. Now go to their Facebook or Twitter profile, is their logo the same on the website as it is on their business card?  Is the font the same? What about LinkedIn or Instagram?

If you have one, jump over to email and take a look at their email correspondence – take a close look in their email signature – do they have the logo, font and color palette correct? At events, the event banners and posters should also carry the same branding rules. This creates a solid, cohesive brand across all media and platforms.

Creating Brand Power

Doing this on social media helps create the ‘brand power’ effect and elevate your company as more of an authority than it perhaps currently is on FB, Twitter, Parler, Rumble and other platforms. On the information highway, social media platforms are like cities with businesses in them. Like in the physical world, we drive by and see business signs that are often just terrible. In both situations, your audience will look at the face of the company, your brand and logo and see a company they want to work with, or just keep on driving.

In your case, you want your social media presence to be a strong one and drive traffic to you, instead of away. Take a look at corporate companies we know, see how they have branded themselves – I’ve seen mocha’s with the logo of a company sprinkled on the foam with cinnamon. Odd, but a small touch that can add an level of superiority to your company in your market.