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You’ve chosen a niche, set up your blog or website, and are ready to put the final touches on your site before you go live and spread your message to the world.

Now that the main website designs are out of the way, it’s time to top your blog off with a cool logo!

Every blog and website needs a logo, regardless if you’re a small business blogger or a hobbyist with a wealth of knowledge about a specific subject.

Don’t get me wrong; your logo isn’t just for your blog. You’ll also use it on your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – to help spread the word about your blog and personal brand. We provide amazing logo design Tampa.

Why Do You Need a Blog Logo?

For better or worse, there are a million other bloggers out there, and chances are that whatever you’re planning to write about has been covered before. In fact, there are over 20 billion blog post views on WordPress’s platform, and 77% of internet surfers (meaning, everybody) regularly read blogs to get information.

When people get to your site for the first time, they’re going to need a way to remember you out of all the other blogs in your niche. Once you lose a reader, chances are few and far between that they’re going to find you again, unless you have a logo – a visual cue – that will help them do so.

Additionally, having a blog logo will help you:

Make a great first impression. If designed well, it will instantly pique the interest of your readers and encourage them to check out your site.

Position yourself as an authority. A logo tells your readers that your blog is professional, and that you’re qualified to write about the subjects at hand.

Build brand recognition. As part of your brand, a logo will help you stand out in your niche and build recognition amongst your readers.

Create a brand identity. Your logo is the foundation of your brand, and it will help you create an emotional connection with your audience that turns them into loyal readers.