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Staying sharp across all the web platforms is an important part of your marketing efforts.  If you are working on your own branding as a start-up, then I have a few tips that will help you understand and create what is called “brand cohesion” across your website, blogs, emails and social media accounts.

Start With Fonts

When I started out designing logos, it was important to pick the right fonts, in particular, that were appropriate for the client. For example if they are looking for a high-end, classy feel to their logo, then I would use more austere, professional font for their initial concepts. A more modern or hip company, would be looking for more modern and cool, and so a different set of fonts would be appropriate for them.

Use The Same Logo Across The Board

So once the logo was completed, the first place it goes is on business cards and the website. What about adding the logo on a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn business profile? Is that even necessary? On the one hand the business owners have this sharp new logo they love and while on the website, the new logo and font is creating a new sense of trust with users. We provide superior logo design Tampa.

On the other hand, users coming in through social media channels see a different view of your company and it is not as “put together” as the website is. Users may even question if they are looking at the same company/ And if this user is shopping around, it’s something as simple as looking like a legitimate company that will keep you from being passed over.

It’s important to have a professional logo and maintain a presence online that matches or exceeds the quality of your products or services.

Brand Cohesion

Many of my clients started out with website presences or social media accounts that did not convey the true quality of their services.

Unorganized, incomplete, or outdated social media accounts are doing your business a disservice.

This brings us back to brand cohesion. Such companies who do not have their branding game together can simply take their professional logo and make sure it is the same everywhere they show up on the web – and also importantly, their business cards and apparel. When each of these places has the same logo – and font – your business will have total brand cohesion. No matter where someone finds your company, your logo and fonts convey that same sense of high-end quality that you deserve – and this is having a cohesive brand across all marketing channels.

End With Fonts

Another important aspect of this branding – is the font sets that are used in the logo, and also across the web – in particular your website. Having arial on your blogs, and times roman on your home page, and then Verdana in the titles, can create a sense of disorganization. When I go over a site, I feel like it’s design is not superior because it has a jumbled font set that does not match the quality of the logo. They go hand in hand – having the same fonts on the business card aside from in the logo – help keep this brand cohesion even more strong.